others, that it is a protozoon, and lie demonstrated it as an

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arranged that the whole of the surface is cleansed at regular

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they bear, assume an equally prominent part in the production

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current was imperceptible, and some sawdust which lay on

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the term perityphlitis. To those who still regard the names

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E. D. Minshall, University College ; R. \V. Nesfield. Owens College :

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to dryness and some of the residue was introduced into the

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Incubation Period.— The conclusions under this head are

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The health department should be empowered to make any

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and closed. This swelling increased, and burst on January 1st,

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dialysate. In cross examination, liowever, he is reported to have ad-

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Glutton, * William Harrison Cripps, and -Rickman Jolin

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great epidemic, £2.57,165 was spent upon the removal and

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forward their remittances to the General Secretary, 429,

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died four days afterwards. He found that he had been

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be possible We have arrived at this conclusion quite independently

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" The Committee desires very briefly to run over the points

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case. He referred to the researches of Dr. Johann Seitz, in

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depression of fever; the course rendered diagnosis more

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(9) Section 16. — The opening words should read, "Any person

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gradually obliterated. The contraction of the external part

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learns from the press the nature of the evidence given ; he

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Mr. Edmund Robinson reported a case of premature con-

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The centre of the incision corresponds to the line. The ab-

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he would write less complacently concerning it. When eminent men

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furred tongue, and in a few cases numbness in the extremi-