multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, contracted kidney, etc.
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under the name of purpura hemorrhagica, or its preferable, because more dis-
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relative to grading of fresh •'•niits and vegetables.
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(2) Greek and lAtin Grammar. (3) Arithmetio. (4) Euclid, books L, ii., or
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quently, especially with timely treatment, which finally passes into a stationary
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affected alike, but sometimes the internal ocular muscles are spared. In
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health. The j>atient is well nourished, and suffers little discomfort, except
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"Entozoa of the Domestic Animals," Fleming's "Essay on Horse
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the funds of the charity ; and that the assistsnts of any medioal practitioner,
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of attention, and the incapacity of experiencing any feeling in exact relation
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later may present himself for the Final Fellowship.
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is hysterical paralysis. When we are once certain that the paralysis is due to
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tioned that often patients have a decidedly fruity odor to the breath (acetone
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e<^ipm«nt, allow ajtequate meveroent of the inspector(s), provide room for safnple cases
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not wholly incapable, but merely incapable of prolonged physical or mental
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part of the organization of man as talking. There are countless mentally
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Education by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.
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•jnaer soecia. conditions and in oversea areas, products may be inspected at the olanf of
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4th. He must on entering the Hospital have sig^ned a declaration of his
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The secretary of the committee for the state of Illinois is Mr. E. Lyman, Jr., North-
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medioal schools. There are wards for infants and children, and there is a large
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United Kingdom has been necessary in order to practice Dentistry in
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fat diet does not produce any excretion of acetone bodies (" ketonuria ").
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lowing the sudden change for the worse, but the gain, of course, is not per-
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rhage, yet continually repeated hemorrhages may lead to a persistent and pro-
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anatomical, and especially our histological, methods of investigation have be-
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suffer under the same noxious influence as well as the pyramidal tract.
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or intestinal hemorrhage, cutaneous ecchymoses, hematuria, epistaxis, or
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tendons and analogous parts, such as the periosteum and fascise. Westphal
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of the symptoms, which give a very characteristic coloring to the clinical
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four examinations at the end of their fourth year. [Thus candidates
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Legg, Lichtheim, Murri, Kiissner, and others. [Kaynaud's disease (see page
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Clonic Spasm of the Diaphragm, Singultus. — The well-known " hic-
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Active State and Federal eradication programs In this country are trying to eliminate
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118 gm. of albumen and 600 gm. of starch, or more than 661 gm. of albumen
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dof's €oiij*f 4md tp^i^ioiiil^^v Most of ^ ttao i do? wf t1 eitHor try u Mum
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gift to the college of $25,000 for the promotion of higher medical education and the advancement of med-
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