Dunguson's Medical Dictionary. — A review of this well known

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■"■ 111 two or three eases of spinal irritation I have noticed that placing the

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Open for the reception of Surgical, Gynecological, and Medical cases, contageous and infectious

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for this is, however, not entirely clear. Some observers

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informed physicians and clinicians who use the lance in appropriate

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twenty grains more were given on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Kow

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been mentioned favorably, as a laxative, in the medical literature of the age, by

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necessarily follow; but the main objection to the ar-

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mence the more practical pai t of the course The lectures

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In a way, 1895 was a preview of the new century. The

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ticide.) The differences of opinion among obstetric experts in reference to

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parts. Severe pain may thus be produced, accompanied by giddiness,

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the child's occiput rested chiefly on the mother's arm. A physician was

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good stereoscopic vision, the fault being in the way the test was ap-

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always suppose that it is the best that can be done for I cannot suppose

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ficial sutures, as the bone ferrule is removed by ab-

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ful cases to determine by inoculation the presence or absence of the disea.se in

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The influence of diseases, or rather of degeneracies, of

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benefited were made after full investigations of comparative

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the right side with a solution of Nitro-Muriatic Acid—three ounces to a

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635. — l^einiith, Seltenere iSTachkrankheiten und Com-

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nificance of the analyses of the minds of patients that

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(The) affections of typlioid fever. J. Am. M. Ass., N. Y.,

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consisting for the most part of leucocytes and disin-

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The discovery of albuminura in a large proportion of

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According to some investigations, now more than 30 years

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Manson believes that the parent worms live in the lymphatic

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sustains the powers of the patient. He reports it of marked

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be much oedema, where the parts lie m contact with each

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ment of the insane, says in 1885 an appropriation was asked from the

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a paper recently published by Dr. Klein, of Dresden, witii a careful

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surgeon than into those which fall within the province of the physician, are

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operation should be resorted to instead of trusting to aspiration.

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margin. In cases in which the liver or gall-bladder is much enlarged

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of her age. Nevertheless, some pain in the heart may precede

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American epizootic, without detecting any important difference

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affection frequently remains stationary for a longer or

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logna, has published an article in the Bivista di Igiene e Sanit'a

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chilled. The doors and windows should be opened, and all parts of the house

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cussion by the records of attempts to inoculate healthy persons with

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have been reported. Use of any drug in pregnancy, lactation, or in