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In confirmation of observations made in the laboratory.

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that we owe the power we now possess of distinguishing hypertrophy

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Results. — The results as shown by the report of the Canadian Sani-

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In his profession, especially in the surgical division of it, he stood in

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for early operation in all cases of malignant growths.

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Hospital. A.B. 1975, Harvard University; Ph.D. 1981,

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hypertensive therapy. Whether or not this was a significant

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Messrs. Parke, Davis & Co. know perfectly well that they or any one else can manufacture them with impu-

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reported Thiazides have also been shown to increase the

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whether the statements of this observer are not in opposition to the results of

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managed all our hospitals are great foci of contagion, grea^

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In the etiology of this disease we see again the same sort of thing

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tion of the bladder. Thus, if the symptoms of the bladder

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turns. I was called to her at midnight on the 13th of Novem-

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Green and Newton. The consideration of the subject of the

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ulcer noted in man. It is more or less circular and punched out

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In bringing this matter to your attention I desire to request an energetic

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convex lens." To explain this remarkable phenomenon, he advances the opinion

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