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Legislation to Prevent Drunkenness Among Physicians

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they may be considered as not properly coming within the scope

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caused or attended by an eruption of gray miliary tubercles and occur

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arteries of the extremities and for ten years in succession the results

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may be found the results of thirty experiments upon dogs

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Throughout the month of August his bodily condition was somewhat

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systems of men than tobacco or alcohol the use of which is

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than ten minutes and resembling an epileptic seizure.

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C. Articulations of the second and third phalanges.

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recent haemorrhages so frequently seen in the brain of

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rotational parameters. With continuous three dimensional spaces this algorithm will

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The object of the writer is to clearly set forth the

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hesitatingly use it probably iu combination with strychnine

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cases. The fluid distends the abdominal wall causing the

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cured. In one case which had lasted for four months