colleague, the late Prof. Sanford Eastman. M.D., he
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the capacity of reaching just conclusions in matters of any sort,
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anorexia nervosa is characterized by the maintenance of unusually low body weight and
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slept poorly and was restless at night. The sensory
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the stomach after taking food, and this was certain to follow the
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Where a joke is not an aim in itself —that is, where it is not an innocent one— there are only
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There is a very simple apparatus which will show the effect of which
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when the instrument is in place in the vagina. Finally, the stem and
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heart in about ten minutes, and by this means the results were much
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done to the uterus and other pelvic organs by incomplete con-
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unrefreshing, and, in short, the whole constitution
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in its pages the end of my quest, and to trace them to their source.
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the very word nausea embodies it. But seeing that the physical suffering
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and soon afterwards had a chill, which, however, lasted but a few minutes.
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is a most hopeless task to attempt to cure any of Throat-
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Many advances have occurred in the past five years in the
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dation of tlie Surgeon General of the Public Health and Marine Hospital
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Established a Sports Injury Center and a Center for Sports
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of escharotics in the treatment of uterine cancer. He thought
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ing provision for a safe performance of this act, neces-
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is instantaneous, and the victim becomes anxious for the life he had just attempted to
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removed. 9. Profunda Femoris, arising about an inch below
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strong, bathe and dry each portion as you proceed, until the whole body
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results are not as satisfactory as expected and desired, the
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nauk. St. Petersburg, i. 1890, p. 97. — 11. Sherrington. Journ. of Pathol, and
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By Sidney Coupland, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician to the Middle-
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over, there may be afresh secretion of fluid into tlie tube. When a diseased
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3rd, The virus arising from the blood and discharges of animals that
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of a bone, to a joint or some other important structure, when the
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under his care, fifteen grains of antipyrine, given
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