specific gravity 1028. The quantity was decJidedly increased, and the urea was

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The camivora were rarely affected. He saw no reason

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good surgeons were still using ether in these cases, and while

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can mutually encourage and sustain each other, a core will be established.

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The earliest effects of the syphilitic poison upon the system

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and 2 years previously. Three patients were admitted to the clinic

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wound healed and the fragments were found to be firmly united

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a building which, for the purposes of a hospital and conveniences

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united, and the first lumbricalis muscle arose from it more than from the tendon

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hairs from plaintiff's arm, which resulted in severe shock,

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syphilis, may transmit the disease, and the subject thus infected may in

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in England, and at Lisbon in Portugal. During its prevalence, every-

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Pasteurella multocida Infection From a Cougar Bite— A Review of Cougar Attacks

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tunities for observation liave been great, and consequently

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and vegetable decomposition or emanations. The first essential

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Lopez at a meeting of the Society for Clinical Studies in

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our investigations at the present time is principally a theoretical

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photographs of the ears of another patient with a similar de-

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event has been just as they would indicate. But occasionally

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pointed out the difference between r/eueyeil bleeding (or blood-

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mental disease, which had been fully described several years

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capacity of the ventricles has been variously estimated, but they

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day she was no better, and on Friday she was removed to the Sts. Mary

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sium for some length of time. If the patient remained long

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lished in any |)articular journal, but we fail to 8<

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gauze. Gradual improvement followed for over a week after

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manner of ways, they present all sorts of deformity of

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its adnexa. With the patient bending forward with his elbows upon his

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Hog No. 119 received 30 c.c. of the same serum on the 18th day after

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caufe producing the effect is a flrong debilitating

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and its contents, and depresses the diaphragm, and with it the abdominal

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in life ; for apart from this we can not but feel that present experience

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similar organic process to that by which like residua are

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and betterment of the medical profession in Missouri.

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