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in the execution of these duties. Excluding the military ward and the wards
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proved so intense as to destroy the tumour, which sloughed off, so
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of the organisation " of the nerve at some point in its course, but
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of the Stomach and all conditions of the digestive organs
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and of so irritant a character as to produce peritonitis.
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Bobbs doubted the diagnosis, and undertook to remove the tumor.
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this library, excluding those devoted to pharmacy and
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crease of the disease in that place, I thought I would humbly
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2. Dixon WJ, Massey FJ; Introduction to Statistical Analysis. New
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ported Wyder, while Sanger and Korn took the opposite side.
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of a one or two per cent solution of sublimate the best treatment
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the warmest day for 24 hours was 79^, August 15. In
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is the better course to pursue, and this is especially true when throm-
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culatory. The points to note in regard to the respiratory movements are
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almost entirely neglected. If the Science of Medicine is of any
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inches in the transverse, and five inches in the longitudinal diameter,
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quite free from any of the stigmata of hysteria, and, apart from
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Dr. Stevens anticipates an objection to his doctrine, viz:
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plastic exudation, but admitted both air and blood —
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of two pounds of blood, from completing the operation. The patient, a strong,
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try, the disease has received very little attention. In Europe it has
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readily with liquids, and produces no soponacious mixtures. As