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It will be seen at once that while the first operation locates the foreign

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mation.] Szem6szeti, Budapest, i899, 7; 34. — Schwarz

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Coli R. Numerous resistant colonies have overgrown the area previously

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the paralyzed muscles, and by loss of reflex and of faradic excitability. The

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inal tumor. There was a brownish discharge, slightly offensive.

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always found in chronic cases, also frequently interferes

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The tumour had been slowly growing for twenty-thi'ee years in the position of

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that with my present light and opinions I did not favor

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2 The major portion of this chapter, comprising the etiology and composition of

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always a condition present which must result in hyperthyroidism,

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under his care, that by tactile sensation a stony hardness can

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registered in the twenty-six years, 1858-8K, in Eng-

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For the patient with a terminal illness, PAIN past,

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comes off" from the common femoral, an inch and a half

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of extension and counter-extension was in traction upon

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cable tube, which convinces of the presence of the end

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afterwards added ; she had tolerable rest during the night ;

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4. Nasal Polypus: Origin and Treatment Chas. H. Baker.

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which may be of varying capacity, as it probably in most

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indeed, madam, not for six weeks from the time of the attack ; for while

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somewhat from those ordinarily employed, to point out certain

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inflammations and accumulations of fluid will inevitably

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