a rule, only a slow and relatively slight amount of atrophy in the paralyzed

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but can be recognized by the absence of tension in these muscles in resisted

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sively by the arachnoid. It is filled with a clear fluid which is precisely iden-

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sence of sensory or vesical disturbances, and the final appearance of bulbar

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and iodid of potassium internally. The hydrocephalic fluid has often been

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We must probably always look for the final cause of gliosis and syringo-

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Operative Surgery of the Ear, Nose, and Throat. — Each quarter. Hours to be ar-

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Medica, Pbjsiologj, Anatomj, and Obemistry at tbe end of tbe second

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physicians or one of the surgeons of the Infirmary, and if accepted by the

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self with feces, or even eat his own feces and drink his urine. In both con-

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We saw at Leipsic a ten-year-old boy, otherwise perfectly healthy, in whom a

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