This bacillus presents so many points of resemblance to the t}'phoid

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populated states where they passed their early years and in which

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The symptoms vary much, and principally in their relation and intensity;

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in a perfect blaze of fever. I directed her mother to get a

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original method by means of ether in a Soxhlet apparatus. This

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the body in a straight line, or with only a moderate degree of

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Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Medical Society of Halifax

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constantly into contact with lead or other mineral poisons.

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sented on account of the tumour encroaching on the line of incision,

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affected. The disease is seldom directly fatal ; its remote effects

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add ten drops of pichi, and continue this for a week longer.

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the Nose. — Prof. Baldwin, of Glasnevin, informs me that,

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have been made, which, however, regarding the great number of

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chapters on the Well-Developed Stage of the Disease,

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The amount and kind of surgical treatment possible in the

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where the amoebae are often few and sluggish ; especially if the evacuations

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cool you have a vacuum produced, and you can draw out

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of creatinine. The severity of the renal involvement may therefore be

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had a resident physician who was the sole authority in man-

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3. That in a comparatively small number of instances was influenza

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