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tion indicating the presence of sugar. The extract of the portal
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removal is usually dangerous, and gives bad results.
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gerontoxon, arcus senilis ; an opacification of the cornea
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and well known in the West Indies. Another break of 54 years occurred
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second day the temperature may remain elevated or a fall may be observed;
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rupture of the uterus, must have supervened within a
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but the right was now flexor, and the left abdominal reflex was
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effect of this compound, which is so objectionable to the
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sac is so distended that it finally bursts, and thus liberates a mul-
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the animal's own lymph or blood serum it is found, when they are ex-
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The passive functions of sense, should, our author thinks, form a fourth or-
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so that its shadow moves at the same rate as that of P, when
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the sense of smell or taste in the absence of organic injury, but a
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tages claimed for this operation are : its safety and the shorter
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rapid recovery. The author does not lay special importance on removing
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tivity long after the death of their host. In fact, by
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probable that the disease may be transmitted by a third person ; orbyfomites,
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been found to occur from consumption of the flesh of that
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Eomualdus, and ^gidius, Ero^ or Trotula, and Roger.
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case complicated with malaria, and he lives in a malarial district.
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on she began to murder the children that she found, and those
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and the death of the foetus, were cited as the effects of the use of ergot.
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age of three months in an apparently healthy child.
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Myalgia Lumbaeis for two days. Could neither sit nor
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is said, ' No physician ever weighed out medicine to his patient
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embracing a variety of functions which fall under the broad categories of
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Profs. Davis, Johnson and Byford, lately occupied chairs in Rush