Wallace Creek. July 29, 1894 (No. 561); Centennial Valley. Au
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ferent observers ; and .to aid in this good work, I
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Reflections. It is well known that many physiologists have
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Contact: AHA, 7272 Greenville Ave, Dallas. TX 75231. (214) 706-1511
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the bile itself, after being.produced and discharged by the liver, is re-
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on the left side, and extended to the abdomen and right
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in Ontario and I think it would be desirable under the circumstances to
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the more unfavourable is the result likely to be ; inasmuch as the
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added to the equipment of the mechanical shop. A new
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deliberate tone of voice, under all circumstances ; but whenever
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With the object of determining the combined effects of the
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second day. He complained greatly of pain in the abdomen, and
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" leaving sufferers from the fever hardly able to inove about; and indeed
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of the germ-laden atmosphere? We are made to believe
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the same principles should prevail in the case of the cerebellum.
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Fig. I. — 'Colonies of Monascus purpureus two weeks old in silage
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provide postgraduate training that makes a good physician out of an M.D.
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quirements for graduation, the Faculty desire to state that
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These few conditions which may modify the direction of the osmotic
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cent, on admission, with a red count of 2,200,000, to 30 j^ier cent,
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venous, 59 c.c.; liver, total, 84 c.c.; brain, 136 c.c.; kidney, 150 c.c.; thy-
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Hogs drinking the water or eating such material are cer-
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" The abstraction of blood, and the administration of tartar emetic, are
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authorities. As he correctly points out, the value of Wertheim 's
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Dr. Donald L. Ross (Mansfield Depot) : I haven't much further to
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to be done during the attack ; second, what is proper in the interval.
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showed on the following day large numbers of idcntioataolonies, which were made
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precipitation with alcohol. By this method Bourcet was able to estimate as small an
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into effect the physician's good intentions. It is in
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tious process, antibiotics are the mainstay of therapy. The
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enabling managers of hospitals, asylums, and other public