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notes upon treatment, local and operative. The final chapter is devoted
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In the absence of Dr. Packard, his paper was read by Dr. Harry J.
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often of great importance to the practitioner. It gives a classification
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ries and experiences of the past encourage and stimulate us to
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Manitoba and the Maritime Provinces, leaving out Ontario — to have reciprocity. The
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Dr. Bray — I move that the regret of this Council be tendered to Mrs. Burns, the
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this work warm clothing has been provided for needy babies, and in
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out his own method and by frequent exchange of experiences with his Con-
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cast to meet the requirements of newer conditions. About the mid-
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With these facts in mind, it behooves us to strengthen our
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rence of the ocular trouble, the termination of pregnancy was
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The active application of the static sparks and high frequency cur-
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Treatment seems to exercise a marked influence on the re-
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are as helpless as the allopath and for the same reason, namely,
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Your sacred honor will be above price, your loyalty to prin-
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health. But that is nothing. That is our business, our blessed privilege, to
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4. As to the charge which alleges that the said Richard Allen Clark has been guilty of
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Anatomical ^Diagnosis. — Increased thickness and density of calvarium,
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nified of all the subjects pertaining to human physiology and so-
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one-sided and poorly balanced; there is lacking the training of
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tube, but also that they should be left in that particular tube and
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is not entirely eliminated from consideration in the selection of a
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unable to take exercise, they are invaluable in that they induce
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normal or relatively normal standard. I have not, however, as yet
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the safe custody and humane care of the dangerous and infirm, — the asy-
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if not omitted altogether. This epidemic likewise emphasizes the
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