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•34102 Nys, Ernest. Le droit international, les principes, les
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paralysis. It is unnecessary to reproduce here Wunderlich's
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^E, Ro6s, Ztschr, f. physiol. Ohem., Strassb., 1899, 28, p. 55.
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ignorance. For how many centuries had human sufferers to
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Of twenty-one cerebral cases (exclusive of fractures of
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lesions of pneumonia were observed in 4 instances, acute nephritis in 3,
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Psychiatry. Associate Attending Psychiatrist, North
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Buchanan, Alexander, 355 W. 30th St., New York, New York Co. Original.
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the angular gyrus and the convex aspect of the temporal lobe ; namely,
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If the fractured part press upon the spinal cord, the animal will
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By John J. McGrath, M.D., Professor of Surgical Anatomy and Operative
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results from disease of the hollow organs than from that of
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The remainder is made up of papers on " The Diagnostic Value of Cam-
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ment had organized any proper examination of American pork.
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: would not be possible, were it deemed advisable, to continue the
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does not mean dilution of respiratory products, as these
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malignant disease. I operated three days ago upon a fistula following
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and to some unstriped muscular fibres in the orbit which keep the eyelids
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have to be tied or otherwise restrained for all operations,
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results, Luessenhop and Spence described the first endovas-
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chairs was also added later that of chemistry. This