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ing of this Society will be held at Cincinnati, May 8, 9 and 10,

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come rigid under the influence of the latter, and the heart

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provision of nature, it behooved the physician to think care-

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other means for the preservation of the kidneys are

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state for the purpose of reading and discussing scien-

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The Chairman, Dr. Johnson, continuing, said : This bill is now on

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felt tense, uncomfortable, with some prickling sensa-

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all cause distinct dilatation, apparently of almost equal

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ment-house reform are not yet solved. The prevention

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clearly given is less often cited than it deserves.

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sideration. It would be to my mind more plausible to

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there would be an income to tUe state society of $3800,

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the following table: Conjugate vera 10.9 cm., 77.28 per omt.

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because of more direct and intimate communication with

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and Blood Extracts in the Cure of Acute Organic Dis-

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a higher plane than ever before in its history. The

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trophied, • relaxed or swollen turbinals, usually the in-

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and both troubles vanished together, suggesting a connection

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the Association, many of whom are members of the American

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ureter was then incised and a rough calculus weighing 2 grs.,

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little or no trace of organic acids, there is little prospect of

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Cold as an Antipyretic. — It is universally agreed that

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17 had the right lung affected, 13 the left, and 12 had

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American Cllmatologlcal Association, Niagara Falls, N. Y., May